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PU IES arranges screening of Pakistani animated short film
PU IES arranges screening of Pakistani animated short film

The Institute of English Studies arranged for the screening of Pakistani animated short film "Swipe" by Puffball Studios, on the 24th of May 2022.
"Swipe" is a hand-painted political work of art about Pakistan, made by a team of 20 Pakistani animators, musicians, storytellers, and actors over the course of 1 year. Written, drawn, animated, composed, acted all under one roof, Puffball Studios, "Swipe" is an attempt at confronting a growing crisis resulting from a culmination of the nexus of technology, religious extremism, and authoritarianism. At the heart of this story is a confrontation with increasingly hostile, alienating, divisive circumstances, and a plea for greater empathy.
The IES students, faculty, PhD and M.Phil scholars took keen interest in the film, and engaged in a critical dialogue with the filmmakers. "Swipe" has received the Best Short Film award at CINANIMA 2021, which an Oscar-qualifying festival in Portugal. With this accolade, "Swipe" can now officially be submitted for consideration in the 2023 Academy Awards.