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International Women’s Day 2021 Celebratiion at Hotel Indigo
International Women’s Day 2021 Celebratiion at Hotel Indigo

Faculty members of the Institute of Applied Psychology, University of the Punjab, Dr. Fatima Kamran, Associate Professor, IAP and Dr. Afifa Anjum, Assistant Professor IAP were invited as guest speakers at the International Women’s Day Celebration at Hotel Indigo. They were invited to address the employees of the Hotel Indigo and reflect upon the contributions of women in the different roles they play in life. Dr. Fatima Kamran discussed the pertinent yet the most neglected aspect, that is, work-family balance. She stressed upon the role that women play in maintaining that balance and further she shared how the disparity in this work-family life negatively affect the psychological well-being of the women and eventually the entire family. Dr. Afifa Anjum on the other hand discussed about the leadership skills of the women, especially in the work settings. While stating the examples of global women leaders, she shed light on the qualities that make these women unique and equally successful in their lives. The conference concluded on the note that the professional skills and contributions of the women should be rightly acknowledged to pave way for their equitable growth in this world.