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Webinar on "Adolescents and Suicide"
Webinar on "Adolescents and Suicide"

Institute of Applied Psychology arranged a webinar on "Adolescents and Suicide" in series with already held seminars for awareness regarding mental health challenges during wake of Coronavirus. Dr Rafia Rafique Director Institute of Applied psychology talked about the Islamic perspective of suicide. Suicide is strictly forbidden in Islam. She said faith in Allah and protection of soul through contemplation can help people suffering from depression. Dr Fatima Kamran said there is a dire need to build up parent child relationship and bring up children through positive parenting. Dr Afifa Anjum discussed at length how developing virtues and strengths like gratitude can help people keep themselves safe from depression. Dr Afsheen Masood talked about the role of neurotransmitters in causing depression. All panelists highlighted that adolescents should be educated about common mental disorders and stigma related to mental health concerns needs to be addressed. Renowned psychiatrists Dr Iqbal Naeem from Manchester University and Dr Ali Imran emphasised the protective and preventive role of healthy lifestyles.