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Microsoft Certifications from Home Platform-Free Certification of MOS and MTA
Microsoft Certifications from Home Platform-Free Certification of MOS and MTA

Pakistan has joined the league of some of the top countries of the world by providing a Certification from Home Platform for Microsoft Certifications for its students. An agreement was reached between the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and Microsoft to provide this Certification free of cost to the first 2000 students who register for the opportunity. It’s a major step not only for bridging the gap between education and employability, but also for helping students acquire professional skills while they have more time during this Covid period.
Microsoft and HEC have been working together in a strategic partnership over the last decade to promote the use of information technology in the Higher Education sector. The partnership covers all public and private sector universities in the country, with multiple programs aimed at upskilling the youth and providing them with multiple platforms which can be used to help build up their capacity and showcase their technical potential at a global level.
Under this strategic partnership, a certification platform has been launched to provide students with a prescribed curriculum roadmap, a kind of a blueprint for technology skill development and certification. Specific areas of study include Productivity, Computer Science, Data Science, and IT Infrastructure. The offered Certifications of MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) provide useful credentials for individuals seeking to validate their skills and advance their careers. The exams covered include all the productivity tools under Office 365, but also cover tech intensive certification paths, such as Cloud Fundamental courses covering Azure Fundamentals, Dynamics 365 Fundamentals and Microsoft 365 Fundamentals.
Not only will the students have access to the course material now but also the comfort of taking these Exams from Home and getting Certified in the world-renowned Microsoft Courses of MTA and MOS.

GET FREE Training for Certification Exams.

Higher Education Pakistan has announced in collaboration with TEC-Certiport brings free access for certification trainings in this pandemic situation.
Enjoy the huge collection of resources including Microsoft, CompTIA, Adobe, QuickBooks, Unity, Autodesk, Apple etc.  to learn, take workshops and knowledge evaluations.
Students/ professionals in possession of any of these Certifications get their marketability elevated and respectability in the field of Information Technology.
Since these are very limited number of Access Codes available. It is requested to spread this to students in your respected HEIs.
Students need to register on following link
TEC CERTIPORT is pleased to offer free access to web based learning resources – Lessons-Videos- Practice Tests – Evaluation valid 27th August 2020.
To access and redeem your free access codes log into:
Go to
Create an account, click sign up, fill in the information required and confirm.
Input your username and password.
Click Sign In
Click the Light Blue Key on the left navigation bar.
COPY/PASTE (CTRL+C then CTRL+V) Access code into the field and click Redeem Code.
Once you have redeemed your code it will be saved to your account and you will have Access until 27th August 2020.
You can register for multiple exams also.

How to register for the exam:

Registration Opens: Tuesday 28th July, 2020
Kindly note that you can only take the exam if you are registered.
Process Flow
Register on the HEC Events Portal
Book your appointment for the exam via calendar available on the portal.
Confirmation email will be sent out to the registrant.
You will also be shared a link to the TEAMS group where all the resources are available in downloadable format for you to prepare on your own.
Since you will receive the Teams link to study resources after registration, carefully choose the date of exam making sure that you have ample time in between for preparation.
You will also be sent the guides on ‘How to take Exam Yourself’ along with the team link. Please note that the final link that you would need to click on to take you to the exam site at the time of exam will only be shared with you in an email few hours before the exam as a policy for security purposes.
You will also be shared step by step info guide to open your browser to the desired link to take the exam.
Once you finish your exam, you will immediately receive an Internationally acclaimed online badge if you qualify which you can share on your CV and can be tracked by recruiters.