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3-Days International Young Psychologists (IYP) Fiesta 2021-2022
3-Days International Young Psychologists (IYP) Fiesta 2021-2022

Faculty members and students of the Institute of Applied Psychology, University of the Punjab, attended the 3-Days, International Young Psychologists (IYP) Fiesta 2021-2022 at Al-Hamra Art Council, Lahore. This fiesta was organized by Young Psychologists Association (YPA). YPA is a forum for young psychologists in Pakistan to flourish as a community. It also regulates and facilitates advancement in the field of psychology. The 3-days Fiesta was comprised of parallel Scientific Sessions, along with it an Innovative Business Ideas Model Contest (IBMC), and a Live Painting competition were organized for the students to participate and showcase their skills and capabilities. The Director Institute of Applied Psychology, Prof. Dr. Rafia Rafique, chaired the panel discussion session on "Development of Social and Self Identity in Adolescents." The Worthy panelists included Prof. Dr. Rafia Rafique (Director Institute of Applied Psychology), Dr. Fatima Kamran (Associate Professor, IAP), Dr. Afifa Anjum (Assistant Professor, IAP), Dr. Saleha Javed (Business Psychologist and Gender Expert) and Dr. Chanie Messinger (Occupational Therapist). The key objective of the Fiesta was to provide a chance for multidisciplinary mental health professionals from across the world to exchange knowledge, ideas, experiences, and expectations involved with the field of psychology. Prof. Dr. Rafia Rafique praised the efforts of the organizers for connecting the Psychologists of Pakistan and gathering them together on one platform. It was a great learning experience for the students of Institute of Applied psychology that continues to provide academic excellence to its students.