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Poster Presentation Event Held at IEECE
Poster Presentation Event Held at IEECE

Society of Engineering Excellence (SEE) organized poster presentation event at the Institute of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering (IEECE), University of the Punjab Lahore on May 25, 2022. The theme of the poster presentation was “Modeling Real-Life Processes Using Logic Design Concept”. Second year students of IEECE participated in the event. They modeled a variety of processes using state machines including but not limited to business models, sustainable systems, biological systems, COVID-19, transportation systems, and others. Prof. Dr. Azhar Naeem, Director IEECE, was the Chief Guest of the event while Dr. Umar Farooq, Patron SEE, was the chief organizer of the event. Event started at 8:45am and Chief Guest listened to all the poster presentations and encouraged the students for doing a wonderful work. A total of five independent judges evaluated the students’ work against five markers and their evaluations were averaged to generate the poster competition result. Prof. Dr. Kamran Abid (IEECE), Dr. Shareen Shafique (Physics), Dr. Zeeshan Azmat (IEECE), Dr. Kamal Shahid (IEECE), and Engr. Muhammad Arif Anwar (China) performed duties as Judges. Saad Ullah Bhatti bagged first position for his work on blood glucose monitoring. Ali Tahir secured second position for his work on climate change, while Arsh Alam secured third position for her work on car washing system. Souvenirs were distributed by the Chief Guest amongst Judges, and winners of the poster event. All the volunteers and participants of the poster event were also awarded with certificates. In addition, Patron SEE presented a memento to the Chief Guest. Event was concluded with the closing remarks from Patron SEE, Chief Guest and student Advisor of IEECE. In his final remarks, Chief Guest ensured his continuous support for such cocurricular activities in the future.