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PU CAD organizes seminar
PU CAD organizes seminar

LAHORE: (Friday, June 11, 2021): Punjab University College of Art & Design (CAD) Postgraduate Research Centre of Creative Arts has organized seminar on “Thinking through Art: New Paradigms” with Salima Hashim. The seminar is designed online as well as on campus for PhD, MPhil & MFA students by the Post Graduate Research Centre of Creative Arts. The target of this seminar is to explore new ways and possibilities of production of art and its display in the modern times. Dr Ahmad Bilal welcomes Salima Hashmi, by saying that it’s a historic moment as Professor sahiba has been conducting a session for the first time at Punjab University, this shows that time is changing and boundaries are broken, and that’s the basic element to produce any art form. He also mentions Slaima’s contributions as humanist and recites a piece of poetry 'Zamanat Aman e Alam ki Nahatay Log Hotay hain.' Professor Salima Hashmi states that “There is no one way to doing the art”. She introduces a number of new art practices and trends in Pakistan, and shows the work of a lot of young artists. She starts by saying that it’s a unique phenomenon about Pakistani Art Scene, as two different cities; Lahore and Karachi, has been arranging two different kinds of Biennales, and represents different types of artworks. She discloses that the Texts connecting with Research and research developing from Achieves can bring new knowledge and newer possibilities. She mentions various projects from Orangi Pilot Project to Jinnah Avenue Project. She shares installation arts like “Hum jo Tareek Rahoo ma Matay Gey”, “A song for this Day”, and art pieces of young artists from small cities like Sawabi and Hyderabad. At last she conclude her conversation by saying that “Communication is more important for artist” and motivate students with her punching sentence that: “When nobody else will do it I will do it”. The exclusive online seminar is coordinated by Dr Ahmad Bilal and the team of Postgraduate Research Centre of Creative Arts with the help of staff from Design Department have managed all the online activity, as most of the students are engaged online from their homes, as the pandemic is in its phase three in Pakistan. In the end Professor Israr Chishti sings some beautiful lyrics of Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Professor Dr Samina Nasim, Dr. Sara, Dr. Rafia, Dr Naila Amir, Asna Mubashara, Shoaib Mehmood, Farjood Rizvi, Humaira Umar, M. Ashfaq, Aqsa Nadeem, and more than 100 students, of PhD, MPhil and MFA have attended the seminar. In the end Dr. Ahmad Bilal, thanked Professor Salima Hashim for such an informative and huge session, which will be helpful for the art students. He also thanked the Principal College of Art and Design, and Vice Chancellor Prof Niaz Ahmad Akhter for providing a conducive environment for such kind of activities which are vital for art education. The team has got an overwhelming response from the artist community, from all over Pakistan.