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Be confident, work for Pakistan’s development- PU VC
Be confident, work for Pakistan’s development- PU VC

LAHORE: (Friday, February 16, 2024): Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood has said that for the development and prosperity of the country, everyone has to play a role while keeping confidence in oneself. He was addressing a national conference on ‘South Asia: Evolving Challenges and Petitioned Opportunities’ jointly organized by PU Center for South Asian Studies and Paigham-e-Pakistan here on Friday. On this occasion, CSAS Director Prof Dr Naheed S. Goraya, President Centers of Pakistan International Relations Amna Munawar Awan, senior journalist Syed Moeed Jaffri, faculty members, researchers and a large number of students were present. In his address, PU VC Dr Khalid Mahmood said that everyone knows the challenges facing the South Asian region and their solutions, but the problem is implementation. He said that researchers and teachers of higher education institutions talk about problems and solutions through research journals and media, which policy makers usually do not value. He said that even the biggest problem of the world can be solved through dialogue. He said that in the age of digital media, access to information has not been a major issue, but instead of increasing harmony, it has increased chaos. He said that educational centers that are aware of the problems need the patronage of government institutions to get them out of the financial crisis, for which the policies should be expedited. He said that the youth are the future of Pakistan, from whom we hope for the betterment of the country. Amna Munawar Awan said that the South Asian region is of worldwide importance due to its geo-political situation. She said that Pak-India relations and peace in Afghanistan are essential for the development of the region. She said that this is the era of digital media, to take advantage of which we all have to work on the narrative of Pakistan’s ambassador across the world. She said that the world wants to do trade / business with us, but the country has chaos, lawlessness, leadership. No one is ready to invest due to scarcity, ignorance of emerging technology and weak economic conditions, she added. She said that India is promoting linkages with the Middle East to strengthen the industry. She said that for the development of Pakistan, it is necessary to overcome the leadership crisis and utilize the capabilities of CPEC, BRI and educated youth. She said that cyberspace warfare is a big challenge for us, which requires cyber experts to deal with it. Syed Moeed Jaffari said that solutions to problems come from educational institutions, for which it is necessary to promote high-quality research. He said that people of different lifestyles, colors and races live in South Asia due to which there are problems. He said that in India after about 12 miles the language, lifestyle changes but it is still developing. He said that change in the society does not come at once, for that one has to work with continuity and unity. He said that democracy can be strengthened by positive changes in Pakistan’s bureaucratic system, teaching methods and curriculum. Dr Naheed S Goraya said that South Asia is a region with 25% of the world’s population, whose problems need to be understood so that appropriate solutions can be found. She said that the region is facing challenges such as proper use of human resources, peace, sustainability, chaos, extremism and terrorism without which development is not possible. She said that the purpose of organizing seminars and conferences organized by PU CSAS is to highlight these issues so that a better society can be formed. She said that we have to advance the process of dialogue with the world with constructive thinking because peace does not come from force but from understanding.