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PU Library organizes introductory talk on books
PU Library organizes introductory talk on books

LAHORE: (Saturday, March 18, 2023): Punjab University Library organized introductory talk of books titled ‘Kulyat-e-Akbar Allahabadi’ by Khawaja Muhammad Zakrya and ‘The Loss of Hindustan The Invention of India’ by Manan Ahmed Asif. Chief Librarian Dr Muhammad Haroon Usmani, Institute of Urdu Language and Literature Assistant Professor Dr Sajid Siddique Nizami, Department of History’s Prof Dr Faraz Anjum, faculty members and a large number of students were present on the occasion. The Urdu book was a collection of Poetry of Akbar Allahabadi and talk on this book was presented by Dr Sajid Nizami. He shared the biographical sketch of the renowned poet, his style and themes of the poetry. Dr Faraz presented the talk on the book of ‘Manan Ahmed Asif’ and explained the change of ideologies in the subcontinent under and post-colonial eras as narrated by the author of the book. Dr Usmani thanked the speakers and the audience for their participation.