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PU students perform in Alhamra drama festival
PU students perform in Alhamra drama festival

LAHORE: (Thursday, May 25, 2023): Punjab University students have presented the play ‘Roshnai’ written by Dr Ahmad Bilal on the third day of Alhamra Drama Festival. According to Dr Ahmad Bilal, ‘Roshanai’ is a sketch based on the life of a calligrapher who wants to find a way for himself in the space created between tradition and innovation, but in societies like ours, art is considered a means of earning while no effort is made to save the same art or artist. The prominent actors of drama include Mian Ahmed, Osama Butt, Anush Khan, Faizan Naiyazee and Urwa. The directors of the play were Osama Butt and Mian Ahmed, while the production includes Muqaddaq Laraib. The audience who watched the show gave a standing ovation.